No. 26

September 01, 2015

Are you ready to burn it up ? It's time to crank it up with MMM Radio, the new music player app designed specifically to promote the best in Maryland Bands from the past and present. Each episode we'll be spinning tunes starting with DJ Flame's Variety Show featuring 30 local bands in genres from rock to extreme metal. Tune in to hear the best in Maryland music, new releases, demos, and more. MMM Radio will be supporting the local music scene by giving free promotion to local music, so bands, contact MMM to submit your material for inclusion in the show.

MMM Radio was the idea of John Ness, managing editor of Maryland Music Magazine, and Phil Carnes, owner of MMM. The pair saw a need for an outlet of promotion for Maryland music that could be accessed 24 hours a day. This in part due to the declining nature of the local music scene with continued venue closings and the recent loss of 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement program. MMM has been working to develop the music player app over the course of the past several months with Carnes contributing the major role in coding the app and acquiring the music. It is Ness' vision that the app be a collection of various hosted music programs each covering a different genre. The design was strictly Carnes', who developed the app using JQuery through some late nights and head scratching obstacles. It was designed as a base model, set up to be modified for future expansion of features. John Ness said "It is one thing to envision something, quite anoter to see it become reality. I had my doubts we could pull it off, but Phil came through with a great design that was real easy to use." One of the biggest challenges was gathering good quality song material to build the playlist. Carnes came through with most of it, hunting done old and rare recordings from Maryland bands, where he went to Rick Harper of Shock Dr. Records in Parkville, MD who supplied a large collection of material. By the end of the campaign to collect material, there was a starting library of music that included full albums from over 75 bands, some with multiple albums. The extraction from tapes/cd's and conversion to streaming media was a long tedious process that took some time.

We are preliminarily launching the MMM Radio app in Seprtember 2015 as a beta test platform. There are known bugs with Android mobile devices that we are still trying to work out, although it seems to mostly affect phones, not tablets. While there are volume controls in the app, these do not function or display on mobile devices which do not support HTML5 software volume control. Mobile devices instead force users to use the devices hardware volume controls. Due to the large number of various devices, operating systems, and browser platforms we'll be asking for everyone to test it on their devices and leave feedback on functunality.It will surely take months to find all these issues, hoping to resolve them. We need testing between PC and Mac, Android and IOS, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more.

We are starting light with just one episode/show that will be streamable anytime, as we rotate the song programming quarterly. The first episode, :DJ Flame's Variety Show, brings you music from the following bands : Charm City Devil's, Mystic Force, Dali's Watch, Alloy 20, Nothingface, Pessimist, Sky Came Burning, Ten Ton Nod, Rob Fahey, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Dog Fashion Disco, Ganja Bros., Infidel, Ghost of War, Desolate Angel, Legion, Nemesys, Scarlet Angel, Liquor Bike, Clutch, Chemikill, Deadly Aggressor, Delusion, Mercury Rising, Rebel Inc. , Shift, Speaking in Tongues, Click, Silvertung, and Wrathchild America. The episode as well supports local businesses such as Charm City Choppers, Shock Dr. Records, and Ravenhurst. Go check out MMM Radio and don't forget ... Crank It Up !!!!

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